The three pillars




Company Alianz Obras y Servicios S.L  engaged in providing services in the field of real estate, residential and commercial building and repair in Spain. The priority of our work is the satisfaction of the needs of our customers through the quality and timeliness of work implementation. We always put as a priority of the company – the study of new construction technologies, optimization of resource management. For making its contribution to economic development, we act responsibly towards the environment and society.

The company’s philosophy is to ensure the sustainable growth of the company. Develop a range of services and be known to all as a competitive company that always fulfills its obligations to customers and society and guarantee the quality of the work. Our commitment is to implement projects that fully meet these requirements, in order to achieve satisfaction of our customers

Private sector

Service & Repair

Commercial Estate

Appartement Estate

"The trends disappear,

the style is eternal."